ParaDiSe Seminar

The ParaDiSe Seminar is a working forum for the presentation of ongoing and finished research in the areas related to the specification, modelling, analysis, and verification of software systems.

The meetings are held on Thursday at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, starting at 12:00.

Seminar Programme — Spring 2018

There will be two kinds of presentations this semester.

paper presentations
You will be presenting paper of your choice (but relevant to lab topics). You can have a look into recommended conferences and papers lower on this page. You should focus on the higher level ideas and message of the paper. The presentations should be rougly 60 minutes, but keep in mind there will be questions during the presentation.
work presentation
You will present your work. The presentation should include motivation for your work, what will be the results you hope to achieve. You can also speak about what makes the work iteresting for your, what you learned, what makes it difficult, … Try not to be too technical. Presentations should be short – maximum is 20 minutes, there will be three such presentations in work presentation session.

Each member of the lab is expected to do both presentations.

(more will be added hopefully)


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