ParaDiSe Seminar

The ParaDiSe Seminar is a working forum for the presentation of ongoing and finished research in the areas related to the specification, modelling, analysis, and verification of software systems.

The meetings are held on Thursday at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, starting at 12:00.

Seminar Programme — Autumn 2008
Overview of research in ParaDiSe

The goal of the first part of the seminar is to let the people from each ParaDiSe group introduce problems they are working on, describe their current research goals and research achievements, and summarize contents of their recent publications.

Computing with external memory

Computing memory demanding tasks became a common need for a number of researchers and practitioners. Continuous improvments of qualities of external memory devices open an interesting option for those people — computing with usage of external memory. The goal of the second part of the seminar is to get acquaintance with basic techniques, data structures and algorithms used for this kind of computing.

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