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The PDMC workshop series was initiated in 2002 by Lubos Brim and Orna Grumberg as a reaction to the raising interest in parallel and distributed model-checking. Since then the topic became even more important due to the recent developments in the hardware technology. As a matter of fact, the scope of the workshop has been broaden to cover all methods and techniques that allow to analyse and verify large-scale systems by exploiting modern hardware architectures, like multi-core machines, clusters of workstations, external disks, or GPUs.

PDMC workshops aim to provide a working forum for presenting, sharing, and discussing recent achievements in the field. The workshops usually consist of invited talks and a selection from the submitted papers. Accepted papers are usually published within the series Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) or Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science. Moreover, best papers are typically invited to special issue of a prestigious journals. So far, we devised three special issues covering the scope of PDMC.

The special issues originating form the PDMC workshop series are, so far:

PDMC Steering Committee

PDMC'12 in London

PDMC'11 in Snowbird

PDMC'10 in Twente

PDMC'09 in Eindhoven

PDMC'08 in Budapest

PDMC'07 in Berlin

PDMC'06 in Bonn

PDMC'05 in Lisbon

PDMC'04 in London

PDMC'03 in Boulder

PDMC'02 in Brno

PDMC Invited Speakers

Moshe Vardi (2002,2011), Orna Grumberg (2002,2011), Assaf Schuster (2003), Boi B. Faltings (2004), Kim Larsen (2005,2011), Lubos Brim (2006,2011), Gerard J. Holzmann (2007), Henri Bal (2008), Gianfranco Ciardo (2009), Youssef Hamadi (2010), Jiri Barnat (2011), Jaco van de Pol (2011), Gerard J. Holzmann (2012)